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Extra copies

Multi format copies

Multiple format copies of your images

If you need your scans in multiple sizes and formats, we offer our multi format copy service which gives you an extra copy of all your images in the size and format you require.

You may want to scan your images in a high resolution (e.g. 4800 DPI) and be happy with a JPEG file and then have them professionally printed, however your publishers are likely to require the images in TIFF format at 300 DPI.

For just £5.00p per set, we will provide a copy in the format and size you specify.

Ideal for:

  • "Web Ready" images to display on a website at 72 DPI
  • Sending images to publishers for printing at 300 DPI
  • Can't make your mind up between TIFF and JPEG ? Get both !
  • Images for different devices, e.g. tablets, mobiles etc.