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Photo Scanning Service

people looking at digitised images

Preserve your precious memories

At Pixave we strive to provide the best service for photo scanning, slide scanning, negative scanning & video conversion. Save your precious memories whether you have old photographs, slides, negatives or VHS video tapes, Pixave can convert all of them to digital images that allow you to share your memories with family and friends, either with photo books or social media like Twitter or Facebook.

Our cheap photo scanning service gives you total peace of mind when it comes to protecting your precious memories. Each photo is scanned individually by hand using high end flat bed scanners and checked individually. By default, we scan photographs in 300 dots per inch (DPI) which is good enough for most photos, but if you want to have enlarged photos we will scan them to 600 DPI.
Photo scanning service
35mm slides ready to be digitised

Slides to digital service

Bring your old 35mm slides back to life with our 35mm slides to digital service. We can scan your old 35mm slides, including Kodachrome and Fujichrome, and send them back to you as JPEG files compatible with any PC or MAC. Our slide scanning service includes dust & scratch removal (thanks to Digital ICE technology) at no extra cost. Slide scanning service
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Covid-19 Update

May 2021

We are still processing orders, on a reduced capacity. We do have the ability to perform a non contact handover of your items but by appointment only.
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35mm film negatives ready to be digitised

Negative Scanning

Our negative scanning service can convert negatives to digital images with high quality scans upto 4800 DPI with Digital ICE to reduce dust & scratches. Colour restoration (if neccessary) is included at no extra cost, we will scan your color or Black & white film negatives and return them to you in JPEG or TIFF format in a high quality image that will allow you to preserve your family or business history. Discounts provided for large orders, no job is too big or too small. Negative scanning service
VHS tape to be converted to digital mp4 or DVD

Video Digital Conversion

When the personal camcorder became affordable in the 80"s people rushed to buy them and record all those great memories like the baby homecoming, weddings, etc, but when was the last time you looked at your old video tapes ? Sadly, most households no longer own a VHS video player and cant relive their family history, our conversion service will bring your old movies back to life. Video Conversion Service
Camcorder tape to be converted to digital mp4 or DVD

Camcorder tapes to digital

Convert your Video8, Hi8, Digital8 tapes to digital, including mp4 or DVD. Camcorder Tape Conversion Service
Retro audio cassette tape to be converted to digital mp4 or DVD

Audio cassette tapes to digital

Convert your retro audio tapes to a modern digital format, such as mp3 or to an audio CD. Convert your precious old family memories, such as weddings etc to digital format and preserve them forever. Audio Cassette Tape Conversion
Glass slide AKA lantern slide ready for digital conversion

Glass Lantern Slides

First invented in the 19th century, our digital scanners can convert these fablous images, many of which are over a hundred years old, into beautiful modern digital images in JPEG or TIFF format. Images that have been gathering dust in attics for over 50 years can be brought back to life and shared amongst family members, or even to museums, thanks to our glass slide conversion service. Glass Lantern Slide Scanning