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Negative Scanning Service - UK - directory - E

Main Areas Covered

The Pixave negative scanning service gives you total peace of mind when it comes to protecting your precious memories. Old negatives are easily damaged due to wear and tear, we can ensure your precious memories aren't lost forever by scanning a digital image that is preserved forever.
We convert every single negative image to digital individually using high end flat bed scanners at a minimum of 1200 DPI with ICE technology to remove any dust and scratches.

A negative is a single image, normally captured onto unexposed 35mm film in long narrow strips which are coated in cellulose acetate, the camera advances the film after each shot so that the next picture is captured onto the next unexposed piece of film. In photographic terms, each image is a negative, and the entrire strip of film is referred to as negatives. The negative images are the master copy of the photograph, from which all other copies will be made.

A negative image is an inversion of the normal image, dark areas will appear light and light areas will appear dark, in addition, a negative color image has colours reversed so that red appears as cyan, green appears as magenta and blues appear as yellow. Part of the scanning process required is to increase the contrast due to the lower contrast on the negative film.

Negatives are created when light is exposed onto a film, the chemicals on the film react and become opaque during the developing process. To create the final positive image, the logic of multiplying two negative numbers to create a positive number is used, the negative process is applied again to the negative film which produces the final positive image.

Our negative digital conversion service can convert your old films into modern digital images to share with family & friends or share on social media.

Below is a directory of towns beginning with the letter E that are serviced by the Pixave Slide Scanning Service.

Our photo scanning service has a full UK coverage, you can send your photos to us via recorded delivery, or if you are in our local area, we offer a free collection and delivery service.

Negative Scanning FAQ's

We are happy to offer a free collection & delivery service in our Free collection areas, alternatively you are welcome to visit us and drop off your precious photographs, by appointment only. Alternatively, you can post them to us, please use a tracked service.

How long will my order take?
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The answer will depend on the size of your order.

Most small orders (upto 500 negatives) can be turned around in a few days, large projects may take weeks or months.

Please see our Lead Times page for our current timescales.

If you have an urgent deadline, please Contact Us to discuss.

Will my negatives be safe?
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We will let you know, via email, to say they've arrived. If there are any issues with the delivery (e.g. damage in the post) we will let you know ASAP. Your work will be be put into a queue and tracked using our own in-house built tracking system. Once your work has been completed, we will bring the negatives back if we collected from you, or we will post them on a tracked signed for basis that is fully insured.

Can you scan my negatives in order?
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Yes, we have undertaken such projects many times, just let us know when placing the order.

Do you have to scann all the images on a strip?
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No, if you only want particular images from a strip, just let us know which ones you want. It might be a good idea to Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

Can you edit the image meta data to store comments, locations etc?
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Yes, we have our own in-house system to edit the image metadata, however this extra work is performed on a bespoke basis. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

What resolution should I go for? What is DPI?
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DPI stands for dots per inch, simply put, the higher resolution the larger the image.

e.g. a 6x4 inch photo scanned at 300 Dots per inch, produces an images approximately 1800 pixels wide (a pixel is another name for the dot), a HD TV's resolution is 1920 pixels wide, so 300 DPI will not fill the entire screen, 600 DPI would produce an image 3,600 pixels wide which would display better on a HD or 4K TV.

Should i count my negatives?
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We charge per image scanned, so if you count them before sending them to us, you will know the final cost, however if you only have a rough idea before you send us your negatives we don't need to have the exact number before we start the job.

If you think you have a certain number and there are more, we will scan them all for you, if you are worried about the cost, we would be happy to count them for you before we start work, but in any case if someone thinks they are sending us one amount and a much larger number arrives to us, we will always let you know and get your agreement before proceeding.

My computer doesn't have a disc drive, how can I get my negatives?
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We can return your images either on a USB memory stick or we can send the file electronically via our WeTransfer webpage.

We can service every county in the UK, we will send any parcel back to you using a registered, signed for and fully trackable service such as the Post Office, Parcelforce, UPS etc.

If your town is not shown on this list, please use the UK town directory below to find your town

UK Town directory A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W Y

Photo Scanning Information

  • Dust and scratches remove
  • Resolutions upto 4800 DPI
  • All scans processed by hand
  • All images rotated correctly
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