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Digital 8 Video Conversion Service

Digital 8 Video Conversion Service

Digital 8 video tape

Digital8 (aka Di8) tapes were introduced by Sony in the late nineties, and use a digital DV codec to store pictures and sound on standard 8mm tape. Because the data is stored using the DV codec, the standard is identical to Mini DV tapes.

With the rise in popularity of mobile phones and the increasing quality of the cameras on tablets and phones, few consumers these days would use a Digital8 camera to capture family moments when a high quality camera is available in their pocket, however many people stil have tapes stored away with precious family memories.
Pixave can take your tape and convert into a DVD or MP4 file, the DVD will play on all standard dvd players and the MP4 file can be uploaded to YouTube & other cloud services such as Google Drive, or view on a smart TV, tablet or mobile phome.

We charge per video tape converted, rather than per hour of video tape, making it simple for you to calculate the cost of your order and set your budget.

Pixave offer a full conversion service for NTSC tapes recorded on North American equipment (USA, Canada etc) and we can generate NTSC or PAL DVD's from your NTSC source material and MP4 files that will work on any TV.

Digital8 Video Conversion

  • NTSC or PAL
  • MP4 or DVD format
  • Priced per tape
  • Any length of tape
  • High quality digital conversions
  • High quality DVD discs
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Want more information ?

PAL is a television broadcast standard used in the UK, it consists of 576 lines with 25 frames displayed per second. PAL was adopted by mostly european countries, though some countries such as France, adopted a slightly different version called SECAM.

NTSC is a television standard used the USA & Canada, it consists of 486 lines with 29.97 frames displayed per second. As the USA became popular for UK tourists, many consumers purchased NTSC camcorders or VHS tapes and could not play them in the UK. Manufacturers tweaked their players so that NTSC video tapes could be played on PAL TV's, but these were usually in poor quality.

DVD is an optical disk format, developed by Sony, Philips, Toshiba and Panasonic in the 90's. DVD's typically hold 4.7GB of data, approximately 2 hours of video. There are however, dual-layer DVD's that hold twice this amount, allowing upto 4 hours on a single disk. DVD's require most movies to be compressed in order to fit onto a disc, e.g. a 2 hour uncompressed movie could easily take up 40GB of data, and the only way to compress the movie down (and keep it the same length!) is to compress the movie, which in reality means that parts of every frame will need to be deleted. This sounds scary, however it's not as bad as it seems, if you imagine a scene such as a local football match, the difference between one frame and the next will be tiny, e.g. the sky and clouds will be the same, and so in theory all you need to record is the first frame, and then the differences from one frame to the next. This means that your choice of software you use to perform the compression is crucial and will make a dramatic difference to your final DVD quality.

MP4 is a digital video file that contains both video and audio. These files can be uploaded to cloud services such as Youtube and shared like any normal file. PC's and MAC's are normally bundled with software to play MP4 files, as are smart TV's, mobile phones and tablets.

Pixave are happy to provide you with the uncompressed digital movie file if required, it will however by very large, please contact us to discuss.


How much does it cost?

We'll convert any Digital8 cassette into a DVD, fully authored with a professional looking DVD menu for £15.

Video conversion prices

How it works

What happens next ?

You can of course contact us or use our online system to get a quote and place an order, then just send your tapes to us. We will take great care of your tapes.

How video conversion works

Why convert your Digital8 tape's ?

Preserve your precious family history

Want to share your Hi8 video tapes with your children ? Or are you having a wedding, perhaps a big birthday coming up and want to embarrass the lucky person ?

Why convert your videos?

Sharing your images

Youtube, Vimeo etc

Share your converted tapes with the world through social media such as Youtube, Vimeo, Dropbox etc and let the world enjoy!

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