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Preserve Old Photos

people looking at digitised images

Photo Scanning Service

Cut out the stress of worrying about your precious old family photos.

Send them to us today to create digital copies that will last forever.

No job is too big or too small. All your photos will be converted to digital so you can share them with friends and family.

From a single photo to a huge archive, we can convert all your old photos to digital and we can organize and sort your digital images just how you want them
Photo scanning service
35mm slides ready to be digitised

Slides to digital service

Bring your old 35mm slides back to life with our 35mm slides to digital service. We can scan your old 35mm slides, including Kodachrome and Fujichrome, and send them back to you as JPEG files compatible with any PC or MAC. Our slide scanning service includes dust & scratch removal (thanks to Digital ICE technology) at no extra cost. Slide scanning service
35mm film negatives ready to be digitised

Negative Scanning

Our negative scanning service can convert negatives to digital images with high quality scans upto 4800 DPI with Digital ICE to reduce dust & scratches. Colour restoration (if neccessary) is included at no extra cost, we will scan your color or Black & white film negatives and return them to you in JPEG or TIFF format in a high quality image that will allow you to preserve your family or business history. Discounts provided for large orders, no job is too big or too small. Negative scanning service
VHS tape to be converted to digital mp4 or DVD

Video Digital Conversion

When the personal camcorder became affordable in the 80"s people rushed to buy them and record all those great memories like the baby homecoming, weddings, etc, but when was the last time you looked at your old video tapes ? Sadly, most households no longer own a VHS video player and cant relive their family history, our conversion service will bring your old movies back to life. Video Conversion Service
Camcorder tape to be converted to digital mp4 or DVD

Camcorder tapes to digital

Convert your Video8, Hi8, Digital8 tapes to digital, including mp4 or DVD. Camcorder Tape Conversion Service
Retro audio cassette tape to be converted to digital mp4 or DVD

Audio cassette tapes to digital

Convert your retro audio tapes to a modern digital format, such as mp3 or to an audio CD. Convert your precious old family memories, such as weddings etc to digital format and preserve them forever. Audio Cassette Tape Conversion
Glass slide AKA lantern slide ready for digital conversion

Glass Lantern Slides

First invented in the 19th century, our digital scanners can convert these fablous images, many of which are over a hundred years old, into beautiful modern digital images in JPEG or TIFF format. Images that have been gathering dust in attics for over 50 years can be brought back to life and shared amongst family members, or even to museums, thanks to our glass slide conversion service. Glass Lantern Slide Scanning
35mm slide archive ready for conversion to digital images

Photographic archive digitisation

We have converted many large photographic archives, consisting of slides, negatives and photographs for organisations such as Scottish Nature, Oxfam, several different universities and professional photographers. All images are returned organised in folders and we can also provide the extra service of entering metadata to match your archive, e.g. folder numbers, locations, photographer etc. Photographic archive digitisation

Photo Scanning FAQ's

We are happy to offer a free collection & delivery service in our Free collection areas, alternatively you are welcome to visit us and drop off your precious photographs, by appointment only. Alternatively, you can post them to us, please use a tracked service.

How long will my order take?
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The answer will depend on the size of your order.

Most small orders (upto 500 photos) can be turned around in a few days, large projects may take weeks or months.

Please see our Lead Times page for our current timescales.

If you have an urgent deadline, please Contact Us to discuss.

Will my photos be safe?
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When we receive your order, you will get an acknowledgement from us to say it's arrived. If there are any issues with the delivery (e.g. damage in the post) we will let you know ASAP. Your work will be be put into a queue and tracked using our own in-house built tracking system. Once your work has been completed, we will bring the photos back to you if we collected from you, or we will post them on a tracked signed for basis that is fully insured.

Can you scan my photos in order?
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Yes, we have undertaken such projects many times, just let us know when placing the order.

Can you edit the photo meta data to store comments, locations etc?
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Yes, we have our own in-house system to edit the photo metadata, however this extra work is performed on a bespoke basis. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.

What resolution should I go for? What is DPI?
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DPI stands for dots per inch, simply put, the higher resolution the larger the image.

e.g. a 6x4 inch photo scanned at 300 Dots per inch, produces an images approximately 1800 pixels wide (a pixel is another name for the dot), a HD TV's resolution is 1920 pixels wide, so 300 DPI will not fill the entire screen, 600 DPI would produce an image 3,600 pixels wide which would display better on a HD or 4K TV.

Should i count my photos?
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We charge per image scanned, so it would be a good idea if you have a rough idea before you send us your photos, however we don't need to have the exact number before we start the job.

If you think you have a certain number and there are more, we will scan them all for you, if you are worried about the cost, we would be happy to count them for you before we start work, but in any case if someone thinks they are sending us one amount and a much larger number arrives to us, we will always let you know and get your agreement before proceeding.

What size photos can you scan?
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We can scan any size upto A3, in addition we have the ability to scan very wide images, such as old school photos, we scan them multiple times and stitch them together, the cost is based on the number of scans, e.g. if we have to scan the image 4 times and stitch all 4 together, the cost is just for 4 scans.

Can you scan photo albums?
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Yes, we can either take the photos from the album and scan them individually or scan the whole page

Some albums are so delicate that the photos cant be removed without damage, so we will scan the album page, we can then extract each image for you or send back the whole page.
Some people prefer to keep the original page as it may have writing, other people want just the images, the choice is totally yours.

My computer doesn't have a disc drive, how can I get my photos?
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We can return your images either on a USB memory stick or we can send the file electronically via our WeTransfer webpage.