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Video Tape To Digital

Video Conversion Service

Video Conversion Service

Pixave offers a full video conversion service to convert any of your precious old family home movies into a modern digital format such as mp4 or DVD.

We can convert your videos onto a DVD disc which will play in any DVD player, however we also have the option to produce an mp4 file that can be viewed on a Smart TV, tablet or phone, or even uploaded to the cloud (e.g. YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook) and shared with your family members. If you are not sure which option you would prefer we can produce both for you.

We charge per video tape converted, rather than per hour of video tape, making it simple for you to calculate the cost of your order and set your budget.

If your video tapes were originally recorded on cameras sold in the USA or Canada, they were probably recorded in NTSC format, which is different to the standard UK format (PAL). We can convert your NTSC films into digital format and if required we can convert them to UK PAL format.

We have converted thousands of tapes over the last 10 years and have established a comphrensive set of equipment that can process nearly all types of media, including:

If you have cine films you wish to convert, please contact us to discuss as we cannot give a standard quote on the website, the prices vary due to the type of film and length. We would be happy to discuss and give you a customised quotation.

Video Conversion Service

  • Any format of video
  • PAL or NTSC
  • Priced per tape
  • Any length of tape
  • DVD or MP4 format
  • High quality digital conversions
  • High quality DVD discs
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